Meet the Staff

JCC Senior Staff

Barry A. Abels, Executive Director

Barry holds a master’s degree in Adult Education, Human Resource Development & Leadership and has over 38 years of experience in management, training and organization leadership.  He brings a wealth of experience working as the Executive Director of the Jewish Federation & Charles Schusterman JCC and the Executive Director of the Jewish Community Council of Corpus Christi, Texas as well as working as a consultant with many other non-profit organizations and small businesses. He and his wife Jackie have two sons. His hobbies include golf, fencing, Civil War re-enactments, and being a good Jewish boy who loves his mother!

803-787-2023 ext. 207


Lindsay Agostini, Aquatics Director


Lindsay is a Michigan native and grew up as a distance swimmer. Lindsay established herself as one of South Carolina’s top female triathletes, is a two-time member of Team USA and is a four-time All-American triathlete. Lindsay and her husband, Jim, have three beautiful kids.

803-787-2023 ext. 306


Adrienne Conner, Office Manager



Adrienne is the JCC office manager/bookkeeper. She is married to Ron and has four boys. Adrienne has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Management, and brings several years of mortgage banking skills. In her spare time she enjoys shopping and spending time with family and friends.

803-787-2023 ext. 216



Debby Mullen, Business Manager

Debby has a degree in accounting & business from Raritan College in New Jersey, her hometown.

She enjoys working with the community and helping those around her. Debby is an original member of the team since moving to the new building eight years ago. She has two beautiful daughters, two fabulous grandchildren and a wonderful husband.

803-787-2023 ext. 202

Laurie Slack, Jewish Programs Director


Laurie is passionate about Jewish living and education and loves to find innovative and meaningful ways to incorporate Judaism into everyday life. Before finding her home in Jewish communal life, she studied visual art at Carnegie Mellon University. Laurie is married to a wonderful man and enjoys cooking, gardening, making crafts, and board games in her free time.

803-787-2023 ext. 201



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