Aquatic Personal Training


The JCC Aquatics Department offers personal training packages with nationally certified and experienced fitness professionals.

Enjoy the benefits of our aquatic personal training packages:

  • Fitness assessment and program tailored to meet your individual goals
  • Personalized training to provide you with constant motivation while maximizing your workout.
  • Water creates resistance that tones and strengthens your muscles while providing you buoyancy to reduce impact.
  • Works on endurance, flexibility, balance and strength
  • Great alternative to dry land workout and useful for cross training
  • Minimizes sweat

Those who will benefit from Aquatic Personal Training

  • People with arthritis, joint problems, or recovering from injuries
  • People who require low impact workouts or are overweight
  • Seasoned athletes looking for cross training
  • Those new to exercise

About our Trainer

In 2007 Barbara joined the JCC due to back and other health problems.  After realizing how much the water helped her health problems she wanted to learn more about the properties of water and how she could help others become more fit using the properties of water for protection of their joints. From September 2008 she has earned the following certifications from WaterArt Fitness International, Inc.:

  • WaterArt Fundamentals Instructor
  • WaterArt Specialized Populations Instructor
  • Water Art Weight Management Consultant
  • WaterArt Mind and Body Instructor
  • WaterArt Personal Training Specialist
  • WaterArt Rehabilitation Specialist
  • WaterArt Shape Up and Water Train Instructor

Barbara has also earned her WaterArt “Gold” Certification. She instructs various aquatic classes helping participants to evolve to muscle balance that is needed to prevent injuries and improve posture. Her classes include muscle endurance, flexibility, agility, mobility and cardiovascular training. Barbara also works one on one for personalized training helping clients to meet their particular fitness goals.  She also works one on one for clients that need more rehabilitation on their particular health need.

You can learn more about Barbara’s fitness journey by visiting her impromptu interview by WaterArt at “Barbara’s Story” on You Tube

Aquatic Personal Training Pricing

Description Cost/session Package
1 session $50 $50
3 sessions $45 $135
6 sessions $42 $252
12 sessions $39 $468
18 sessions $36 $648


  • Hello I was just wanting some information on this aquatic personal trainer specialist that you guys have . I would like to know how often and how much does this course cost with the books everything and HST ok thanks and have a awesome night…

    • Hi Jackie,

      I sent your e-mail to Linsday Agostini, Aquatics Director, so that she can answer any questions that you may have. She will be the best person to help you! Thank you.

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