Aquatics FAQs




Is there a Lifeguard on duty?
Yes! A lifeguard is always on duty during pool operating hours.
What is the pool temperature?
The pool temperature is maintained at a comfortable 84-85 degrees Fahrenheit.
How deep is the pool?
The shallowest portion of the pool is 3 ft.3 in. deep. The deep end is 5 ft. deep.
How many laps equal one mile in the pool?
Our pool is 25 yards. 72 lengths or 36 laps of the pool equals one mile.
What is the difference between a length of the pool and a lap?
Competitive swimming uses the terminology of length versus lap. In the JCC pool, one length is 25 yards, swimming from one end to the other, long ways. Others ( non-competitive swimmers) often use the word lap. Lap is down and back (2 lengths) or 50 yards.
Can I swim laps when a class is taking place?
One lap lane is available for lap swimming at all times. During peak hours and during classes, we ask lap swimmers to share the lane or circle swim.
Is there a fee for Water Fitness Classes?
Water Fitness classes are complimentary and part of your membership. There is a charge however for swimming lessons, personal training, and aquatic rehabilitation.
What Water Fitness Class is right for me?
Beginners and Seniors: Senior Water Fitness, Advanced Senior Water Fitness, Walking 4 Fitness, and Tai Chi/Instructor Choice
Intermediate to Advanced: Water Fitness, High Intensity, Aqua Interval, Hydro Happy Hour, Aqua Endurance, Tai Chi, and Strong to the Core
What type of aquatic equipment do you have available?
We have noodles, water dumbbells, water belts, resistance gloves, fins, kick boards, pull buoys and life jackets.
At what age may I leave my children at the pool?
Children under the age of eight must have a parent/guardian in the pool within arm’s reach at all times. Additionally, children under eight (8) must be accompanied by a parent/guardian while using the locker rooms. Children are not permitted in the pool during water fitness classes unless they are taking a scheduled private/semi-private swim lesson or lap swimming.
Is your pool handicap assessible?
Yes! We have a ramp, pvc pool access wheelchair, and portable chair lift.
How do I sign up for Aquatic Personal Training or Aquatic Rehabilitation?
The front desk and fitness desk have registration forms and can assist you with what package you would like to purchase. Please specify you would like AQUATIC training. Once you have paid and are in the system, you will be contacted by the trainer to arrange a convenient time to begin your sessions.