Health & Fitness FAQs

Health & Fitness FAQs


How old do you have to be to use the cardio equipment?
13 and older with a signed parental consent form. One of the fitness associates will be glad to help you with this.
What about the weight machines?
You must be 16 years or older to use the any of the equipment in the fitness center.
How much are training packages?
Please click here to view pricing
How do I sign up for my free orientation?
A fitness associate will be glad to schedule this for you at the fitness desk located in the fitness department. You may also call or email Pam Taylor the Health and Fitness Director. 803-787-2023 x309 or
How do I lose my tummy and lose weight?
A life style with healthy choices of food and regular exercise. For more information, please visit the Fitness Rx page.
How do you work the cardio machines?
Our new touch screen monitors can be lightly touched with your finger to choose the workout of your choice. Our fitness associates or personal trainers can assist you at anytime.
Am I in the right position or seated correctly?
Correct form is needed. If assistance is needed, a personal trainer or fitness associate will help you.
How many times around the walking track equals one mile?
Inside 12 laps equals one mile. On the white line of the track, 11 laps equals one mile. Outside 10 laps equals one mile.





  • Are sports bras considered inappropriate for the fitness center ?

    • Hello Ravey,

      This is a great question! Our membership policy states that a shirt and shoes are required throughout the facility with the exception of the pool area and locker room. Therefore, a sports bra alone would not be permitted in the fitness center. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask!

      Thank you & best wishes,

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