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Membership Categories & Rates

There is a one-time initiation fee for all membership applicants that is to be paid at the time of joining. All membership contracts are for one year, however, membership will automatically renew unless a written resignation, to the Membership Director, is received 30 days prior to renewal date.

Family:  Applies to couples with children. Provides maximum advantage to those who wish to participate in adult, teen, family and children-family  programming.

Single Parent Family:  Applies to Single Adult with children.

Adult Couple: Applies to couples.

Single Adult: Single adults. (18 and older / not in school)

Senior Adult: Adult over the age of 70.

Senior Couple: Adult couple over the age of 70.

Patron: Family membership with discounts to specified special events. Patrons also receive 10 guest passes per year.

Membership Application

For your convenience you may download and print the membership application to complete in the comfort of your home.   Your membership, for reasons of security, will not be complete until you visit and receive your membership card.

We welcome everybody.

We are a family-oriented recreational and educational facility that is open to the entire community. Children and adults of all ages can “experience it all.”  From our state of the art fitness center to sports and enrichment programs for all ages, the JCC has something for everyone.



  • I am considering joining the jcc. What does it cost to join? It would just be myself. I am a 51 year old female.

  • I am inquiring about the current promotion of a discounted monthly rate and waiving of enrollment fee. Please send me some additional information.

    Thank you

  • I was a member when you first open but move and is back in Columbia, I have a church member that is a member and I want to become a member again, but I work with the youth at my church and was wondering if you do corporate rates or Discounts. And I would be looking for a family membership.

    • Hello Christopher,

      I sent your email to our Membership and Marketing Director, Debbie Cohn. She will be the most helpful in giving you more information about our Affinity Groups and rates.

      Thank you,

  • I am a single parent with 3 children. What would be the cost? Also, do you offer financial aid, if so what will I need to submit to get this started?

    • Hello Sheila,

      I forwarded your message to Adrienne Conner, our Office Manager, to discuss rates with you and get you started on Financial Aid. She should be sending you an email to give you more information.

      Thank you for your message,

      Melanie Rexroad

  • I am considering joining your facility. What are you rates? Are you running any promotions at the moment? Is there any discount for prepaying for the entire year? I am interested in lap swimming at 5:30 am. How crowded is your pool usually at that time?

    • Hello Holly,

      We are currently running a special promotion. The rates depend on what kind of membership you would like (single, family, couple, etc.). Please call me so I can let you know what your rates would be. The pool is not crowded at all at 5:30 for lap swimming. I recommend you come in to try it out to see how you like it. I guarantee you will!

      Thank you,
      Melanie Rexroad
      Member & Youth Services Coordinator
      (803) 787-2023 ext. 206

  • We are past members of JCC and are considering reinstating our membership. Please send me information on your current promotions and rates. Thanks.

    • Hello Susan,

      I sent your message to Adrienne Conner, Office Manager, to let you know what your rates would be if you were to rejoin. We hope to see you soon!

      Melanie Rexroad

  • Hello,
    I work for RIchland School District one in Columbia Sc. I was told that the JCC offers promotions for district one employees. I would like to join, i’m a single male so it would just be me.

  • I am a past member and I am thinking about joining again. I will be moving back to Columbia in two weeks. Please email me your promotions. Can the membership fee be waived? Do you have a military discount? Please let me know. Thanks.

    • Hello Debra,

      Welcome back to Columbia and the JCC! We are currently running a special with no joining fee. We do have military discounts as well! I sent your contact information to our Office Manager so she can give you more information.

      Thank you!

  • What is current promotional rates? I’ve been a member before, but only do water aerobics, so when pool heater was broken for so long, I left.

    Is there any discount for state employees or Richland Cnty employees?

    • Hello Ida,

      I am glad you are interested in coming back to the JCC!I sent your e-mail address to our Membership Director. She will let you know all about our current rates and discounts.

      Thank you,

  • Hi!

    I am a single parent of two interested in joining for the first time. I would like to know about your current promotions as well as any financial aid options that I may qualify for.

    • Hello Chanell,

      We are currently running a special promotion! For a single parent, you would pay $0 down and receive 35% off monthly rates. We also have financial aid options available. Please contact Adrienne Conner, the JCC Office Manager, for more information about F.A; or 803.787.2023 ext. 216. Thank you!

  • Please send details to current enrollment promotions. Also do you offer any discount for VETs or Seminary Students?

    • Hello! I sent your question to Adrienne Conner, Office Manager, to let you know if we have any discount for you. We are currently offering a $0 down and 35% off promotion on memberships. I recommend coming in for a tour and get a FREE 10 day trial! :)


  • Hello-
    I am interested to know about any promotions going on these days. Can you please email me the details.

  • I am interested in re-joining. I was a member for a year. 2012-2013
    Are you offering any promotional rate right now? I am retired.
    Mike Ehmke

    • Hello Mike! I remember you. I’m so happy you want to come back to the JCC. We are offering a current membership promotion; as long as you have not been a member for the past year, and it looks like you have not, you can re-join on our promotion! We currently have a $0 down/35% off promotion now. Please call or send me an e-mail for details. (803) 787-2023 ext. 206 or

      Thank you & Best wishes,
      Melanie Pace

  • I am curious to know if you have any specials going on for the fall and do you do any discounts for the military and their families.

  • I failed to mention that we were members a while ago and the plus you all have is daycare and a pool.

  • My family and I interested in coming back as members. Do you offer discounts for postal employees? And what are your current discounts?

    • Hello Mike,

      I sent your comment and e-mail address to Adrienne Conner, our Office Manager, to help you. She will let you know what your rate would be.

      Thank you!

  • Thank you Melanie.

  • I was a member before when my kids were teenagers. I would like to rejoin. They are now 21, 20, and 19. Could we still join under the family membership or would each one of us have to have individual membership?

    • Hi Tomara,
      This is a great question and I am glad you would like to rejoin.
      A family membership usually qualifies for families with children under 18. However, if your children still live with you and are students, you can join as a family. I hope this helps!
      Melanie Pace

  • Hello, I am a single mother of two and interested in my family joining. Do you offer any discounts for state employees and/or financial aid?

  • Hi …. I am a 62 year old person who is on limited income …on disability following throat cancer surgery and radiation 15 months ago…..I lost a lot of weight and muscle….I would like info on possibly joining ….do you have any financial assistance ….? Many thanks for info

    • Hi Peggy,

      I am happy you would like to come by and join! We offer Financial Assistance for membership, you would just have to schedule a meeting with our Office Manager. I am going to send your message to her so she can contact you. She can let you know what you should bring to apply for F. A. I hope that this helps!

      Best wishes,

  • We are finally happy to live close enough and wish to join soon. I have three kids and am married. We have children at the Cutler Jewish Day School. Can you contact me about promotions or discounts for Jewish Day school families? I believe last year the enrollment fee was waived.

    • Hi Autumn,
      Yes! We do offer a discount for CJDS families. Your joining fee is waived and you receive 20% off per month.


  • Please send me information regarding your current promotions.

  • Please send me info about classes and costs. I have been a member of Curves for years, and it is closing. Also do you honor Silver Sneakers memberships?

  • Would like to know about membership. I’m a Richland One School District Employee. If I wanted to sign up, how does the cost work. Do I pay upfront or will it be deducted from my account.

    • Hi Wanda,
      I hope you decide to join as a member! Richland One District employees get an additional 10% discount. On the membership application you can put either a voided check or credit card information. We will automatically debit your account every month. I hope this helps answer your question! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any clarification or have any questions. (

      Kindest regards,

  • Hey Melanie

    Could you please email what the rates are. thanks

  • I was wondering if you offer any discounts for SC state employees. It would be a single membership. Thanks!

    • Hello Keisha,

      Yes, we do offer special employer discounts and that is one! I will e-mail you with our current rate for state employees. Thank you!


  • How much for a membership for a couple? My husband is 65 and on Medicare (which offers free memberships at some gyms) and I’m 59. We are interested in walking tracks and I’m interested in Zumba classes.

    Thank you.

    • Beth & Ken,

      We are happy to see you are interested in the JCC. I sent you an e-mail with more information about our membership rates. I hope we see you soon!


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