Membership FAQs


Can I use my membership at other JCCs?
While each center is independent we are all part of the JCCA and JCC’s further than 50 miles from us will honor your card, generally up to a week, and sometimes longer. They will call to verify that your membership is in good standing.
If I join under a promotional fee what happens to my rate in the future?
Your rate is protected for 12 months. You will not have to pay the initiation fee upon renewal, yet your fee does increase to the current years rate.
What are the allowable reasons one can be released from their contract?
1. Financial 2. Moving out of town 3. Military deployment 4. Health problems
If I have to cancel my membership, what do I have to do, and when do I have to do it?
Your membership is for a 12 month period. You need to give 30 days notice on a form provided by the Center for your cancelation to be processed in a timely fashion by our membership director.
Do I have to be Jewish to join the JCC?
No, everyone is welcome.